Dan Azaceta is both an artist, and the owner of Lucky's. This award winning artist is a Hoboken native who discovered his love of art as a child. Early on, Dan began as a street artist receiving recognition for his graffiti where he is better known as 'Joust'.


These artistic decisions single handedly gave this artist an opportunity and in 1997 Dan naturally became part of the tattoo industry. Although his abilities are unlimited, Joust has become most known for his notable style with black/grey realism. Currently his mural work can be seen across the metro area becoming part of the established artist community. 25 plus years of experience have solidified this artist as one of Hudson County's most relevant artist today.

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Robbi is a natural born artist, born and raised in a tattoo shop atmosphere.  By the time Robbi was 13 yrs old, he had achieved a scholarship for his artwork to the West Palm Beach County School of Arts. He learned more skills on the finer arts and achieved another scholarship to Savannah School of Arts and Design with artwork placed in museums across the world.  In 1992, at the age of 16 years old, Robbi finished his apprenticeship and continued to work at his father's shop in Florida for several years until he moved back to N.Y.


With 26 years of experience, Robbi has learned and mastered all styles of tattooing, piercing, and body modification. Clients of Robbi's would say a skill of his is tapping into a clients mind and imagination of what their end result will be.

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Gil was born in Cuba and came to this country with a passion of art on his mind.  Growing up, Gil was always involved in artistic and creative projects which geared him towards becoming a tattoo artist.  He has now been enjoying the art of tattoo for over 20 years.  His preference of tattoo work is black & grey,  but is capable to customize a tattoo per request.  He enjoys painting, drawing, and mixed media arts.  Finding a use of his talent is one of the greatest blessings in his life, his daughter being first.

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